Beach vacation where you enjoy perfect solitude- Canso!

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Travel is good for your health. It also helps you de-stress and break the monotony of routine life and thus leave you feeling fresh and energetic to grab life as it comes. Everyday life often keeps you busy and you forget spending time for yourself and for your family. That is why you need a vacation every now and then. A vacation would help you relax and retrospect. It would also change your perspective altogether and leave you feeling more creative and optimistic. When you are planning a vacation there are so many details to pay attention to. And this might require a lot of time and efforts. The easier way to do it is to identify a reliable travel agent and get your tour package covered. So, the travel, accommodation, local commute and every other aspect of the journey would be taken care of.

Have you explored this quiet little place?

When you think about spending a weekend somewhere far off the normal life, beach destinations are very popular. Canso is not something that comes on the top of the list while talking about beaches. It is a quiet little place after all.


The community has been known to be one of the most popular fishing bays for ages. In fact, fisheries business flourished here even in the past and that is one main reason that led to the expansion of the settlement here. Besides the strategically important harbor located in this place the Canso islands nearby have made this place a great spot for spending the weekend.

If you love history and if you love the sound of silence, you would definitely love this place

Given that the place has held an important position in history this makes an off-beat option for those who love history. The economy of any nation is impacted severely by the tourist destinations in the country as well as the type of tourists that visit and the seasons of popularity. Canso might be a small community but it has helped the tourism development with the scenic islands that dot the boundaries. The best part about Canso is that the beaches are quiet. Given that this is not a popular destination it is not expected to be crowded. The crowd you would find here would mostly be the locals and the businessmen traveling with regards to the fisheries businesses and other trades.


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